Auto Backdooring Utility: backdoorme

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Backdoorme is a powerful utility capable of backdooring Unix machines with a slew of backdoors. Backdoorme uses a familiar metasploit interface with tremendous extensibility.Backdoorme relies on having an existing SSH connection or credentials to the victim, through which it will transfer and deploy any backdoors. Please only use Backdoorme with explicit permission. Backdoorme comes with a […]

FireAway-Next Generation Firewall Bypass Tool

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Fireaway is a tool for auditing, bypassing, and exfiltrating data against layer 7/AppID inspection rules on next generation firewalls. These tactics are based on the principle of having to allow connections to establish through the NGFW in order to see layer 7 data to filter, as well as spoofing applications to hide communication channels inside […]

Microsoft Exchange Sensitive Data Search: MailSniper

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Microsoft Exchange Sensitive Data Search MailSniper is a penetration testing tool for searching through email in a Microsoft Exchange environment for specific terms (passwords, insider intel, network architecture information, etc.). It can be used as a non-administrative user to search their own email, or by an Exchange administrator to search the mailboxes of every user […]