The Easiest Metasploit Guide

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This guide is for those who are aware of what Metasploit is, and want to learn to
use it, but are not quite sure how to get started. We’ll walk through the basics of
getting a lab set up on your workstation. This guide will work for you whether you
are using Windows or Linux as your host operating system. We will be setting up
the following:

• VMWare Workstation Pro
• Metasploitable 2
• Nessus vulnerability scanner
• Kali Linux

After these have been installed and set up, we will look at using Metasploit to gain
access to the Metasploitable 2 system. We will go step-by-step, so that
everything is clear. My goal is to make this as easy to follow as possible. I will
cover every step involved in each of these procedures.


Because I do not want to exhaustively cover every minute detail, I will have to
assume some things about the reader. You should already be familiar with the

• How to install things on your operating system
• Some familiarity with the Linux command line will be helpful
• The basics of networking and protocols will be helpful
• Editing files with a text editor
• Patience – hacking can take a lot of time
• Willingness to research – we’ll cover what and how
• Downloading files (and finding them afterward)
• Using telnet, VNC, FTP and other similar networking clients

Essentially, you should be somewhat of a “power user.” You do not need to have
much experience as a hacker, but some familiarity with the terminology will help.

In essence, this guide is for those who are already “good with computers,” but
who haven’t done much with Metasploit.
Great, let’s get started….

Quelle: exploit-db