Hidden Network: Detecting Hidden Networks created with USB Devices

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Many companies and government agencies today have communications isolated
networks or with data flow restricted through different networks. These computers
networks are created for particular situations, as these can be very special or have
critical information such as, factory control system, highly-secured environments for
processing of certain data, or networks complying with a safety standard. In recent
Cyber-security history, it has been proven how this malicious software called Stuxnet
infiltrated into an isolated network at a Nuclear Power Plant. In light of this fact, it
could be seen that having a computers network not connected through Ethernet cable
or WiFi to other networks is not enough. Any type of external connection for
computers may constitute a threat. This paper reflects the possibilities provided by the
so-called Hidden Network and how these can be identified and focused on protection
of these issues inside a corporate network.

Quelle: exploit-db