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Since the Shadow Brokers’ leak on the last 14th of April, the famous exploit ETERNALBLUE had been
observed by everyone who enjoy of reversing and exploit writing. Because of this, in less than two months
several documents had been published trying to clarify how it works. Metasploit had incorporated to his
exploits’ arsenal a version based on the reversing made by Sean Dillon and Dylan Davis, it allows to impact
on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. On the other hand, the researcher “Sleepya” had published
on github a Python version of ETERNALBLUE that makes possible a successful attack on Windows Server
2012 R2.
As there is no explanation on how to configure and how it works Sleepya’s exploit, I decided to investigate
and write this step-by-step guide once I had successfully impact on the

Quelle: exploit-db