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Introduction: Doing a security audit for your infrastructure, web site or services whether it be annually or every six months is a great first step to better securing your systems, but in many cases it is not enough. Adding to that, if the audit only involves one tool, our attack surface unfortunately is pretty small. […]

Hacker Lexicon: What Is HTTPS?

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FOR ALL THE attention that the iPhone’s encrypted storage and Whatsapp’s new end-to-end messaging encryption have gotten over the last few months—particularly from the US Justice Department—you’d think that encryption is just now hitting the mainstream. But in fact, you and billions of other people been using a less-loudly appreciated form of strong encryption for […]

“Nuclear” exploit kit service cashes in on demand from cryptoransomware rings

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Security researchers at Cisco Talos and Check Point have published reports detailing the inner workings of Nuclear, an “exploit kit” Web service that deployed malware onto victims’ computers through malicious websites. While a significant percentage of Nuclear’s infrastructure has been recently disrupted, the exploit kit is still operating—and looks to be a major contributor to […]