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VirusShare is an awesome virus sharing site. Unfortunately, as far as I was able to find, there isn’t an easy way to find what file contains a specific hash.

Note: if there is a way to perform this functionality, let me know!


git clone
python --update all # this will download all the files containing hashes
alternatively -u missing/number range (e.g. 10-200)/specific numbers (e.g. 10,11,1
python --search 2d75cc1bf8e57872781f9cd04a529256 e7ae40d25a6da15cdd3712f4f55153a
alternatively -s hash1 hash2 hash3 etc.


  • -d or --directory: sets the working directory (e.g. where the search takes place, and where the hash files are downloaded to)
  • -l or --latest: sets the latest hash repository. As of writing, the latest is 220. This is used when updating the local repository of hash files


  • Python 3.4
  • Platform independent

Downloads VirusShare hashes (for more information click here!) and searches them for specified MD5 hash values.


Quelle: GitHib