I Will Kill You – Defcon

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Chris Rock – I Will Kill You

Have you ever wanted to kill someone? Do you want to get rid of your partner, your boss or your arch nemesis? Perhaps you want to enjoy your life insurance payout whilst you’re still alive. Do you have rich elderly parents that just won’t die quick enough? Or do you want a “Do Over” new identity.

Then, this presentation is for you! I’ll provide you with the insight and techniques on how to “kill” someone and obtain a real death certificate and shutdown their lives. It focuses on the lack of security controls that allow any of us to virtually kill off anyone or any number of people. Forget the Dexter way of killing someone, I’ll show you how to avoid the messy clean up and focusing in on the digital aspects. You could be dead right now and not even know it.

The presentation will explain the death process and will highlight the vulnerabilities and its implications world-wide.

You will learn:

  • How to fill in a doctor’s medical cause of death certificate anonymously.
  • How to become a funeral director and dispose of the body.
  • How to obtain a Death Certificate.

Once you’ve wrapped your mind around that concept, I will also show you how to “birth” Virtual identities that obtain real birth certificates. You will learn the birth registration process and the security vulnerabilities associated with this as well.

The third and final step of the presentation is “The baby harvest”, a concept that I’ve developed, which involves creating and raising virtual identities. This technique is similar to a shelf company. Virtuals will be “born”, registered with the government complete with birth certificates and social security numbers. They can open up bank accounts, get a virtual job to launder money, pay taxes, obtain home loans and obtain life insurance policies. They can be married to anyone (virtual or not) and be directors of companies…. the list is endless and to complete the circle of life, they can be killed off when they are ready for “harvest” for their life insurance payouts or sold as permanent I.D.’s. With no victim, this is taking identity theft to the next level.