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Speaker: Dino Tsibouris and Mehmet Munur

Dino Tsibouris and Mehmet Munur will be presenting about the lawyer,s perspective on data security breaches and recent developments and trends in data security breaches. They will also discuss issues relating to managing and responding to data security issues in the cloud. They will also talk about addressing security and data breach related issues with vendors in contracts.

Dino Tsibouris is the founding principal of the law firm Tsibouris & Associates, LLC. His practice concentrates in the area of technology and intellectual property law with specific expertise in electronic commerce, online financial services, software licensing, and privacy law. In addition, Mr. Tsibouris, practice includes the implementation of electronic signatures, records management and information security. He was previously an attorney with Thompson Hine LLP and a Vice President and Counsel for e-Commerce and Technology at Bank One Corporation (now JPMorgan Chase). He has conducted CLE and trade association presentations on various e-banking and e-commerce matters, and participated in many regulatory and industry task forces addressing new legislation.

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