SMAC & Cloud Security

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The beat of cloud computing expansion has exponentially grown larger and stronger each year,showing no signs of slowing down. In addition to the base element of scale growth alone, more recent factors and influences only serve to add more fuel for the fire along with added complexity and dimension. Contemporary security tools take a wholly different approach to enabling content oversight, governance, and control that typically are relinquished to the service provider when moving to the cloud. This presentation will provide insight into how to address this need of regaining that visibility and authority.


Dave Demase is a seasoned InfoSec Professional with a deep and broad career experience base spanning more than 20 years. He has endeavored at enterprises both large and small; from Fortune 50 to less than ten colleagues. His expertise was gained through exposure to environments inside large IT organizations both as an internal team member as well as in the role of external consultant. In addition, his multi-security-discipline acumen has been established across the areas of technical infrastructure design & implementation, assessment, governance, risk, and compliance.



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